Hour of Code: Escape Estate

Learn code by escaping the mysterious mansion to earn a million emeralds!

For this year’s Hour of Code (HoC), the Minecraft Education team has a special adventure for you: a virtual escape challenge. The rich and famous Dr. Breakowski is inviting you to his mysterious mansion, and if you manage to escape it by dawn, you get to claim the ultimate prize: one million emeralds! It’s like a real escape room, but instead of poking away at every last object, you get to use computational thinking to unlock secrets, open trap doors, and reveal hidden clues. But be prepared: behind each door lies a new coding challenge. 

As you embark on this quest-based coding adventure, you will solve a series of enchanted escape rooms and discover the secrets behind Dr. Breakowski’s mansion. Each playthrough of this map will lead to a new coding experience and different outcomes! As you explore different paths through the enigmatic house, every door will lead to a new challenge that requires your coding superpowers.

If you’re eager to enter the mansion and begin your quest for the million emeralds, then HoC: Escape Estate is available now for all Education Edition players. Those without an Education account can run it for free as a demo lesson in 29 languages – just look for it in the in-game Library. This map is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the basics of coding – no matter your age! 

Escape Estate is highly replayable, has three levels of difficulty, and allows coding in blocks or Python, so that you can find a learning pathway regardless of your knowledge of coding. Plus, this map can be even more fun with company! Learn together with your family, friends, or classmates, solving problems and discovering new paths through the mansion together. 

If you enjoy Escape Estate, why not continue learning in Minecraft: Education Edition with over 200 hours of Computer Science curriculum? Develop your algorithmic thinking and computational skills at every stage of the learning journey through exciting play. 

Check out Estate Escape and stay tuned, because we have big, brain-expanding plans for Computer Science Education Week, from December 5-11! 

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca